On March 3, 1939, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home opened its doors in what originally was a Jewish orphanage.  In March 1940, the Auxiliary was established by a group of Catholic women to assist the sisters in their "Labor of Love."  Priests in the Catholic Churches of the Diocese, as well as the various religious orders, were generous not only in giving their services, but in interesting their parishioners in the work. 

Many people volunteer their time and talent both Catholic and those of other faiths to the Home.  They formed sewing circles which made pads and dressings, some furnished clothing, gowns and pajamas.  Both men and women visit the residents, bring them delicacies, read to them, write letters for them, performing all the little services which mean so much to the sick.  There were groups that came to do the laundry, sewing, cleaning, cooking, ironing, sitting at the front desk, or whatever needed to be done.  Today there are paid employees to take care of these needs.  

What is needed of the Auxiliary today is the monetary support for the needs of the Home. 

In October 1956, the Auxiliary began an annual Champagne Luncheon and Fashion show to raise money.  Today, it is still a Champagne Luncheon, but a Silent Auction has replaced the Fashion Show.   The major fundraising project of the Auxiliary is an annual raffle, held in conjunction with the Luncheon.   A majority of the parishes of the Atlanta Archdiocese participate in the raffle.  All funds raised go directly to the Home with a small percentage withheld for operating expenses of the Auxiliary. 

Our Prayer for the Home

Heavenly Father 

You know our needs 
before We even speak them
So it is with confidence
That we ask your blessing
Upon the sisters, nurses
Nurse assistants, and workers at  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home.

Continue to stir the hearts 
Of dedicated men and women
To serve you at the Home
As nuns and nurses assistants
Help them and all the workers
To find joy and peace
In cheerfully and devotedly
Taking care of the Patients.

Grant them all
The grace and perseverence
To work with the sick and the dying.
We ask this in the name of
Your Son,
Our Lord,
Jesus Christ.